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The Thunder Glide has been accumulating miles like it used to over the last couple of months.Thumperís recovery is progressing and she is able to get out on the bike a lot more lately.She has spent more time on the bike in the last few months than she has in the last couple of years.We are glad to be getting back on the road the way we used to.The ďMotorcycle TanĒ is getting really dark.Soon we will be doing monthly oil changes again.

For folks who travel US-331 when they head to the beach, we found a couple of great places in Opp, AL to stop and take a break from the road.Adamís Bar and Package is on AL-52 a few miles from US-331.If youíre heading south on US-331 make a left on AL-52, Adamís is a few miles down the road on the right.Keep your eyes open, it will sneak up on you.Adamís is a cool little bar that has plenty of cool refreshment after a hot ride.The other place is called Down the Road.Down the Road is located at the northern end of the Opp bypass on US-331, it used to be a VFW Post.They also have plenty of cool refreshment and a pretty good menu too.The burger I had was outstanding.If you stop in to either one the next time youíre in the area tell them Terminator and Thumper said hello.

Did I mention itís been HOT!REALLY HOT!You know itís hot when you go for a ride and hope for rain to cool you off.No reason to not ride though, just be prepared for it.Speaking of riding, there are some great events coming up this month you wonít want to miss.For folks in the Tuscaloosa, AL area there is the Horses & Harleys Ride.This ride raises money for the therapeutic riding center in Tuscaloosa.The Sand & Sass Ladies Rally will be three days of all kinds of activities all over Panama City Beach, FL.This rally looks like it is going to be a great time.Later in the month we have Rumble on the Loop at Mt. Cheaha H-D in Oxford, AL.The Rumble has always been a great time, we have a blast every time we go.There is more information on all of these events inside this monthís issue.We look forward to seeing you there.Tell them you heard about it in Thunder Roads!

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